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Italy Book Challenge 2011


I LOVE reading books set in Italy.  I especially enjoy historical fiction, and the Renaissance is one of my favorite periods.  But, really, all stories set in my beautiful country are attractive to me.  Even though most of the books I read are fiction, their factual accounts of places and events in Italy teach me so much about Italy’s history, culture, people, and places.  It makes me relive those places to which I’ve been, and to dream about the others yet to be discovered.  That’s why when I heard about Book after Book’s Italy Book Challenge 2011, I knew I had to participate.  First of all, I think it’s a great resource to discover new titles to read.  Secondly, it’s fun to read reviews by others who also enjoy reading books about Italy!

The “challenge” runs the entire year, and the goal is to read one novel about Italy every month, and then to review it.  There is the possibility of winning a prize, too!  If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can join Book after Book’s Italy Book Challenge 2011.

Can’t wait to read my first new book about Italy….stay tuned!