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Buon San Valentino :)



Today, the day for lovers, is celebrated all over the world – but St. Valentine was originally from Rome and so what better place to celebrate than in Italy ūüôā

All over Italy, like here in the United States, today is that day to show that extra-special person how much you truly love them.¬† One place where the traditions are very much kept¬†alive and practiced is in Verona –¬†the City of Love.¬† The piazza transforms itself into a heart shaped stage where concerts¬†are held from Feb. 12th to the 14th.

Also a competition takes place for the best letters to Juliet!¬† People write letters to Juliet asking for help with questions of love and other important¬†life decisions.¬† This tradition has been going on for a long time but¬† has recently seen an sharp increase in letters received after the movie Letters to Juliet.¬† A special club of volunteers responds to each and every one of the letters lending empathy, companionship, and at times advice to the lovelorn.¬† But, because of the increase in letters (up to almost 40,000 this year), they are having difficulty keeping up with the responses. Despite the difficulties, they try to respond to each missive with warmth and friendship, and usually in the¬†original language of the letter.¬† As part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations, they choose three recipients of an award which is bestowed to the winners on Valentine’s Day – and on Juliet’s balcony!!!¬† This year’s recipients were¬†Sarah George, 21, from London who found Juliet to be a confidant in her¬†quest for true love; Beth Gillespie, 28, from New York who really never wanted to have her letter published because¬†in it she exposed her very private feelings about a big life move¬†(but who accepted because it was such an honor); and Valentina Zilocchi, 19, of Piacenza, Italy, who wanted¬†Juliet to know that true love really does exist because she had found it!!!¬†¬† These ladies were awarded with a sculpture of an old fashioned ink well with a colored quill inside of it, as well as a weekend trip to Verona!¬†

Lots of talk about love is going around today, so what better vocabulary to learn than the “talk of love”!¬† Here are some beautifully romantic words to share with someone special ūüôā

Terms of endearment for that special someone:

1.  Il Mio Tesoro (obviously my favorite!!!) Рmy treasure

2.  La mia Gioia Рmy joy (this what my parents always called each other!)

3.  Amore Mio Рmy love