Quick stop in Milan? Here are some ideas…


Castello Sforzesco

If you are stopping in Milan for a few days (or even one day), here is a quickie tour of some of the highlights.   I was only there for about 1 1/2 days but I think I saw the highlights.  Of course, I didn’t delve very deeply into anything, but it whetted my appetite for more when I have the time.  On my own time and not with a tour, I saw the Pinicoteca Brera, Castello Sforzesco, and San Ambrogio.  The Pinicoteca is a great museum – small but full of famous art work.  I got an audio guide and roamed around looking at the art.  They have some Rafael’s and other famous European artists.  The museum is part of an art school so there were lots of students walking around.  But it was uncrowded and I was able to take my time looking around.  

The Castello Sforzesco is an old fortress which has been a home to many nobles from the Renaissance.  It is now a museum (several, in fact).  The interesting things here include a ceiling frescoed by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s last sculpture – an unfinished Pieta.  There are many other things housed here so look at books, etc to see if it’s something that you might want to see.

San Ambrogio is a church constructed in about 300 AD – there are parts of original frescoes on the wall.  San Ambrogio was the patron saint of Milan so this is a special site for the people of Milan.  St. Ambrogio himself is entombed in the crypt underneath the church and many people stop by to pay him homage. 

San Ambrogio

While I was there, I also took a half day organized tour.  This was necessary in order to see Da Vinci’s Last Supper.  It is almost impossible to get in to see it if you are not on a tour.  They only allow about 15 people in to see it at a time and thus not many visitors can see it in one day.  The tour also took me to the Duomo (or cathedral).  You can visit this on your own, but the tour gives you a lot of interesting information about the Duomo.  It is a beautiful Gothic cathedral well worth a visit.  Near the Duomo is the Galleria Vittorio Emmanule (another tour stop).  And finally the tour went to the Teatro La Scala.  This is a very famous opera house where all the great operas have taken place for the last few hundred years.  If you are into opera, you might want to see if something is playing when you are there.  I’ve heard that the acoustics of the opera house are incredible.  I can highly recommend this half day tour.  I just called the concierge at my hotel and told him that I wanted to see the Last Supper and he went from there.  I’m not big on organized tours but this one was very good.  And it was only 1/2 day so it was perfect to get a glimpse of the city.  

Milan has a very good Metro system.  You can get to practically every place with it and it is very easy to navigate.  You can purchase your tickets directly from the kiosks located in the metro stations.  I find it’s easier to get them from a person rather than trying to figure out the ticket machines.  When I was there, it was 1 euro per ride.  You might also be able to buy day passes.

Walking is a great way to get around.  Many of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other.  Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes!!

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